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Secrets of the Rails Boot process

2017-12-12 • By John McDowall

Have you ever wondered exactly how Rails comes to life when you run bin/rails s? Understanding what the boot-up process is can help you gain a deeper understanding of how Rails works, how it does things like per-environment configuration, and how you can tweak the bootup process…

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We now have a changelog!

2017-12-05 • By John McDowall

In preparation for the upcoming new features and so on, I decided to roll out a simple changelog system. I hope you find it useful.

As always, I'm always open to hearing any feedback you have - good or bad:

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Introducing Rapid Rails Themes

2017-12-01 • By John McDowall

I'm really pleased to finally announce that Rapid Rails Themes is open for business.

If you've ever spent ages hunting around for themes on various theme sites, or experienced the hassles of cutting up flat templates into view partials, or untangling various Sass files so that the integrate with the Rails Asset Pipeline, then Rapid Rails Themes is for you…

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