Latest Version:
  • Change: Metric mini-cards tweaked for better collapsing behaviour

    The metric mini-cards now collpase in a better manner when squeezed. You'll have to update your markup to change the mr-3 class to ml-auto on the first child element (d-flex) of the .media class.

  • Change: Refresh the Haml and Slim templates

    All Haml and Slim templates have been re-generated

  • Change: Now Rails 5.2.0.beta2 compatible

    The generators are now Rails 5.2.0.beta2 compatible.

  • Bug fix: Handle capitalized controller names passed to the generators

    In the instance when you ran a generator and passed a capitalized controller name, for example: rails g rrt:user_account_pages Profile, the generators now downcase all params. Not doing so lead to routes being created with capitalized controller names as the target, which wouldn't work.

  • New Feature: 3 new Dashboard layouts!

    Now shipping 3 additional dashboard layouts to help you get your app up and running as quickly as possible:

    Theme Tweaks

    Also, some slight tweaks were made to Lyra to improve contrast with the background:

    • $main-bg changed from #fbfbfc to #f7f7f8
    • $navbar-background changed from transparent to #fff

    And some slight tweaks to Orion:

    • $brand-light changed from $gray-400 to $fff


  • New Feature: Update generators for new Dashboards

    The new dashboards are now available as generated pages

  • Change: Dashboard generator now handles non-crud (index, edit, show etc) style action names

    Previously the dashboard generator could conly handle CRUD style action names, now it can handle any action name.

  • Change: Default `simple_form` based scaffolding to using `horizontal_form` and dashboard generator body classes

    Horizontal forms are better looking out of the box, so they are now the default when scaffolding.

  • Change: Tweak Sidenav breakpoint to remain visible when toggled closed and screen is resized

    The sidenav will automatically open up when it's been toggled closed and the screen is resized to a smaller breakpoint.

  • Bug fix: Update HAML templates to use RRT constants

    This is a tale of late night code pushing and a lost git stash. Always pop your stashes, folks!

  • Bug fix: will_paginate styles not applying

    Sad times, a small bug. will_paginate styles were not applying correctly, and are now fixed. Paginate away!

  • Change: Handle theme customization typos

    Improved the customization generator to handle when typos are made in the theme name or styles, providing a better message to the user when that happens.

  • Change: Ensure only `rails_ujs` is used for Rails 5+ apps

    Rails 5 introduced rails_ujs as a replacement for jquery_ujs used in previous versions of Rails. We now default only to rails_ujs and don't add jquery_ujsif it's missing in a previous Rails version. Having both rails_ujs and jquery_ujs can cause strange UI glitches, like multiple confirmation popups and so on, as both libraries attach event handles to elements.

  • New Feature: Enhanced scaffolding in Side Nav layouts

    Added a special header block which displays the title of the current scaffolded model, and an actions area for hosting buttons. It's part of the sidenav layout but only displays when there is content_for the symbols :actions or :description.

  • Bug fix: Small post-launch bug fix.

    Missing PageRewriter class in packaged gem.

  • Bug fix: Small post launch cleanup of some typos

    Fix a few small typos here and there.

  • New Feature: Genesis

    The inaugural unveiling of Rapid Rails Themes v1.0.0