Customizing the included Javascript libraries

First, you will need to run the customization generator rrt:customize. This will generate an rrt.js file, which contains the imports for all external libraries. You can now edit that file to remove anything you don't need, but be sure to not remove Bootstrap itself - unless you really mean to.

Next, take a look at the view partial in views/layouts/_external_js_libs.html.erb. This contains code which handles the loading of particularly heavy JS libraries:

  • Modernizr
  • GMaps
  • Flot
  • ChartJS

You can remove whichever libraries you don't intend to use.

Finally, in the views/layouts/_base layout there are special tags on the body element under the data-js-libs data attribute. Remove any of the default libraries from this attribute that you don't need. Search your project for the string content_for :js_libs and review any additional JS libs that are loaded on a per-view basis that you might not want (dashboard demo libraries for example).

Removing the Demo JS code

Once you run the customization generator as above, you can simply remove all require statements that reference rrt/demo.