Rails Features

Deep Asset Pipeline Integration

Everything in Rapid Rails Themes has been carefully configured so that it compiles, and precompiles correctly in local development and production deploys. All internal assets such as images, background, fonts and whatever else are correctly compiled and digested.

Generate complete pages with modular, clean Rails markup, controllers and routes

Every page you can generate with Rapid Rails Themes is carefully implemented to use our library of 'content blocks' - pre made partials which implement small chunks of UI and page components. No more time wasted cutting things up yourself. All controllers, routes and views automatically created for you!

Turbo charged Rails Scaffolding that looks amazing

You can very quickly get an amazing looking app up and running with Rails Scaffolding, and now it's going to look great out of the box, with no effort, thanks to Rapid Rails Themes customized scaffolding generators.

Massive, and growing, library of Content Blocks

Our library of over 60 content blocks are pre-made Rails view partials that you can immediately render onto your page using the standard <%= render "content_blocks/app_nav/1"%> ERB markup. You can now quickly snap together these content blocks into full pages or components.

Turbolinks Ready

Rapis Rails Themes supports Turbolinks out of the box. Drop in Rapid Rails Themes, and build your app with SPA performance without the complexity.

Multiple 3rd Party Gems fully customized

Rapid Rails Themes ships with full customization for Devise, Devise Invitable, simple_form, Kaminari and will_paginate.